Kapacitor integration with OpsGenie

Hi everyone, I really need help with this. :disappointed_relieved:
The thing is that I’ve followed every step that its in the documentation, and I’ve contacted the OpsGenie team multiple times, they answered me that they do not have OFICIALLY an integration for Kapacitor.

I also include some screenshots from the configuration that I’ve stablished in my local server, and when I run some tests, my log files in my local disk updates just nice, but the integration with OpsGenie still doesn’t works. Because I would receive notifications to my phone, just like when I normally work with Grafana.

I hope someone could help or at least explain me more about this issue. Thanks.

I’ve changed the config file to target new URL’s beacuse the API v1 of OpsGenie is not longer available. So, I change to the API v2, but the methods still have some issues, in this case I add new screen captures to analyze the difference between thoses.

Here are the old screen captures from API v1
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dropbox dot com/sh/kdmxvqeil41tryv/AAB7jJW6QKMvy3DHcHKmhT_Na?dl=0

Official Documentation from Influx

dropbox dot com/sh/20lcrto5twv3zzj/AADMM19viHHPtllSIfRSAZn2a?dl=0

Update: May 24, 2018
So, actually I have defined the log file of Kapacitor to DEBUG mode to analyze the methods from the OpsGenie integration.

Here is another folder with new screen captures from that:

I was able to get this going with a trial version of OpsGenie in a few minutes. Here’s what I did:

  1. signed up for opsGenie
  2. Created an integration (API)
  3. Created an Alert:
  4. edited the Kapacitor.conf file:

    Configure OpsGenie with your API key and default routing key.

    enabled = true

    Your OpsGenie API Key.

    api-key = “1673fca1-fd7e-474b-a4ab-582a2213093e”

    Default OpsGenie teams, can be overridden per alert.

    teams = [“ops_team”]

    Default OpsGenie recipients, can be overridden per alert.

    recipients = [“recipient1”, “recipient2”]

    The OpsGenie API URL should not need to be changed.

    url = “https://api.opsgenie.com/v2/alerts

    The OpsGenie Recovery URL, you can change this

    based on which behavior you want a recovery to

    trigger (Add Notes, Close Alert, etc.)

    recovery_url = “https://api.opsgenie.com/v1/json/alert/note

    If true then all alerts will be sent to OpsGenie

    without explicitly marking them in the TICKscript.

    The team and recipients can still be overridden.

    global = false

Then created the alert:
I am now being sent text messages to my phone – the default alert type – due to my disk being over 50% full.


Hi David, thanks a lot.

But this didn’t worked with me. Can you be MORE SPECIFIC, please?
Because I use the Alert Rule with its own TICK script.


What might work better is if you post your TICK script and any other configuration you have done and we can see where we can fix it.

Best regards,