OpsGenie Alerting Method

I’ve reviewed the the Kapacitor docs and the code for OpsGenie service but couldn’t figure out a way to add fields to the data that Kapacitor sends to OpsGenie. Is it possible to pass additional data?

what are you looking to pass to OpsGenie??? I have integrated OpsGenie with Kapacitor more than once… let me know…

It would be nice to be able to pass a URL. I suppose we can pass it in another field and then parse it out in OpsGenie but was wondering if there is a more elegant solution. This will probably get messy if we need to pass more.

Hey Achoo
Sorry for my late response… if you have already integrated Kapacitor with OpsGenie
on the tick file you can add something like thie

.id(‘whatever id generation you want to be’)

also Kapacitor supports variables…so you can fetch them and build the link if it isnt static

Hey @gmajlis, your solution is what i figured. Thanks for confirming.

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