How to telegraf remote server to monitoring?


how to telegraf remote server to monitoring?



Install telegraf on the remote server and point the configuration settings for the outputs to your database.

So if you’re using InfluxDB then the telegraf ocnfiguration on the remote server would be something like:

  urls = ["https://the_url_or_IP_to_database:8086"] 

  database = "YourDatabase"

  precision = "s"

  timeout = "5s"

  username = "databaseUsername"

  password = "DatabasePassword"

  retention_policy = "retentionPolicy" 

If you are using a different output then you would need to set the Telegraf config to point to that instead.

Very good tutorial on setting up the TICK stack

The above link is setting up on an Ubuntu server, they set it up on one server, but you could set two Ubuntu VM’s up and maybe a Windows VM to test with.

I’d set up Influx on one, Kapacitor on another.Telegraf on those two and on the windows VM.

Hope it helps.