How to import data from influx data into a file and expoting it back to another influxDB

I want to export data from influx DB into a file and then load it back into another influx DB.
will influx_inspect export and influx -import would be a good idea? or should i do backup and restore.
if influx_inspect would be good then please also suggest from where can i get it installed on my machine.
i am using ubuntu.

Hi @neo1702 welcome ! ,

if you want to copy the complete DB , you can use backup /restore.
If it is only 1 measurement for example you can use the export / import.

influx_inspect should be present on your machine in the same directory as influx and influxd ,

do you find it ?

best regards

thanks for the response.
i want to get an entire DB exported.

i didn’t find influx_inspect in the directory that has influx and influxd.

also, when i type influxd --help it shows:

it does not show backup option.