Need VBA code example to pull Influx data into Excell

First let me say I’m a InfluxDB newbie. My requirement is to export data from Influx into Excel to perform some extreme post analyses. The analysis side is completed using sample data, but now I need to pull the data from InfluxDB directly, and push the results back into InfluxDB, this is where I need the help….

I’m looking for a two VBA code examples on how to request and export data from InfluxDB and to write data back into InfluxDB. I read through API documentation but no luck in transferring the info into VBA code. If someone could provide two simple examples I would be very grateful!
For example:

  1. Select * from “mydata”
  2. influx -database ‘DB_Name’ -import --path ./File_Name.csv

I’m able to perform the tasks via the CLI but no luck in VBA
Thank you

take a look at this: