Access influxdb from excell and write query

Hi all,

I need help for this task. Its a hard challange for me. I may have a hardtime understanding you’re saying. sorry for that in advancee :slight_smile:

So, I want to communicate microsoft excell and influxdb. I have different datas on influxdb. But i want to create a query on the excell file. Is it possible to do ?

The only hope I see is in the “Data” section: Get-Data → From Other Sources → From Web

From there you need to make a proper call to the InfluxDB API, meaning composing a correct URL.

I don’t recommend this at all, and I can’t even be sure it works as that functionality hasn’t been made for this kind of stuff… don’t expect a table as a result, it will be a JSON that needs some handling to be turned into a table (but you have the correct tool for that, “PowerQuery”)

Any other options? maybe using VBA (which means coding in visual basic)

I saw some methods using MQTT, but not successfully for me. I’m still searching. Topic is not solved