Help to connect InfluxDB with PowerBI

Hello, can someone help connect PowerBI to influxdb.

I am trying with WEB connector from PowerBI, and i receive data for example for this command:

but i can´t query a bucket data, can you help me? thanks


Is your goal to store the PowerBI data in InfluxDB? What is the type and format of data is received from the command (URL)?

Hi grant1,

No, my goal it’s to get data from InfluxDB 2.6 that i have running in a docker container.
and i want to query from PowerBI to influxDB.

I think the only option you have is to use the WebConnector with InfluxDB API

Now, I am looking on how to write data from Power Bi to InfluxDB but a couple of months ago I wanted to query data from InfluxDB to power BI.

I managed to accomplish the later thanks to the example on this post : Sharing: Example Power BI Power Query to execute Flux query - InfluxDB 2 - InfluxData Community Forums

late but hope it helps you too.

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Well @fercasjr thank you so much. This realy help me. It realy works.