Influx 1.8 data to Power BI Assistance appreciated

Hello. Been using Influx with Grafana for some time and having great results with it. Now a client wants to access our Influx data with Power BI. Am aware that there is no native connector for Power BI but it looks possible using the Power BI Web connection. Has anyone an example of this?
Just to start for example I have a database called ‘machine’ and a measurement called ‘bearingtemp’. What would I put in the page below to get me started for a basic query on that data (e.g. select * from bearingtemp)? I have enabled web access in the Influx config. Im just a little lost as to what goes where on this page to get a connection.

Any pointers appreciated

Thank you

You have to create an API request.
Here is the doc

all the examples you will find use curl, which basically encodes and concatenates the body in the url

http://ip:port/query?q=<InfluxQL query>

note that the query text is InfluxQL encoded as an URL (I’m not sure powerbi will encode it, but if not, you can encode the string yourself)

and since you are using PowerBI this might be useful (to avoid json parsing)