Ingest json data to influxdb


I’m fairly new to influxDB and I want to get data from API , format it to Line Protocol and push it to InfluxDB and finally visualize it with Grafana. The thing is I don’t have the ideas clear on how to architetcure this so that I push data to InfluxDB ?

1/ I’m using Python to get API response in json and then format it so that it matches InfluxDB
2/ I installed InfluxDB and set it up
3/ I installed Grafana also

Many thanks

@Lory_96 There are a few different ways you could do this. Probably the most popular solution is to use Telegraf to parse the JSON and then write it to InfluxDB. You can find details for this solution in How to parse json array from http source.

Another option is to use Flux, but Flux is only available with InfluxDB v2 and InfluxDB Cloud (TSM). If you’re interested, I could walk you through this method, but I need to know the structure of your JSON, and what data types you’re using.