How to export all data from 2.0-beta by web GUI and then import to 2.0-rc?

I want to upgrade by web GUI rather cli.

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sorry can’t help since i’m wondering the exact same thing for my project.
wanted to ask you to update if you do found an answer or to share it here if anyone else can help. thanks

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i dont think its possible, we did it via cli, its super easy:

influx export all -o <org name> -f ./export -t <token>


influx apply -o <org name> -f export -t <token>

It seems does not export the data, just some configurations. I found that influx backup will export data, but influxd restore need to shutdown itself first, but how can I do this by a docker container?

Ah yes you’r right, when I read the question I understood config, when i re-read it now i see you said data, my bad. for sure theres no GUI-based backup form, you need to do that via cli.

If you’r in docker and your problem is that shutting down influx also shuts down the container I suppose you need to:

  • map a host volume and backup to it from the old influx version,
  • start a new container with the new influx version, a volume mapped data dir, and an alternative docker entry point (e.g. bash)
  • perform the restore
  • then start a new container with the standard entry point and the same volume pointing to the previously restored data.

I’m not sure if thats the official way but it should work.

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huge thanks. will try and update