Import v1.x backup to v2.6

Hi there.

I do have a backup of an old installation influxdb v1.8 on raspi, generated with

influxd backup -portable /path

Now I am running a raspi v2.6 installation. Is there a way to integrate the old data in my new system? How can I “import” the files?

Thank you

should give you a good guide to migrating your data.


Thanks Antony.

I am running a 32bit system raspi with influxDB 1.x
To upgrade I need 64bit which I am already running on my influxDB2 system.

Is there a way not to need a kernel upgrade and influxDB upgrade to get my backup data?


you can try with docker.

stop influxdb on old instance:

sudo systemctl stop influxdb

copy everthing from /var/lib/influxdb to your docker machine and map the old and the new influx data folder as volumes to the docker container:

docker run -p 8086:8086 \
  -v "./influxdb-backup:/var/lib/influxdb" \
  -v "./influxdb2-data:/var/lib/influxdb2" \

On first start the data will be migrated from 1.x to 2.x

See also: Problem backup 1.8 restore 2.6 - #3 by stif

Hey stif!

Good idea to use docker. I had not thought of that.
Thank you very much!

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