How to delete data (single series) from a database with endless retention policy?

I simply can’t delete any data.

Using delete from "%" where "entity_id"='entity_id=h5055_batt'; seems to work (no output, so it seems to fail silentsly), but doing a select shows/confirms: data still exists.

Retention policy is open end (Duration: ).

Using delete from "homeassistant"."autogen"."%" where "entity_id"='h5055_batt'; gives

ERR: error parsing query: retention policy not supported at line 1, char 1

:interrobang::interrobang::interrobang: HOW CAN I FREAKING GET RID OF DATA (single series) :interrobang::interrobang::interrobang:

@bcutter What version of InfluxDB are you using?

I am using what is provided by repository/influxdb at master · hassio-addons/repository · GitHub

This is solved in Delete data from DB with autogen retention policy - #7 by scott

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