Delete data from DB with autogen retention policy

It seems impossible to delete data with default autogen retention policy activated.
Any workaround suggested? Is it possible to configure an infinite retention policy that doesn’t trigger this error?

delete FROM “autogen”.“h” WHERE “entity_id”=‘tempo_pdc_target_acs_temperature_48’ AND time > ‘2022-12-29T15:11:49’
ERR: error parsing query: retention policy not supported at line 1, char 1

Deleting data with autogen retention policy - General - InfluxData Community Forums

DELETE does not support renention policies · Issue #15180 · influxdata/influxdb (

Hello @stayorso,
Welcome! This is solved in 2.x if you want to upgrade.
But “autogen” isn’t the name of your db correct?
CAn you try a command like:
> DROP SERIES FROM "h2o_feet" WHERE "location" = 'santa_monica' where h2o_feet is the name of your measurement?
Thank you.

Hi @Anaisdg, thank you!

No, autogen is not the name of the db, it’s the retention name.
I’ve also tried to copy all the date to another db with a different retention name, but always “infinite” and the bug persists.

I would love to move to 2.x and I’ve tried many times, but still I didn’t manage to transfer the “old” db