How to aggregate all records continous



Im trying to build a game that players have in game money and can trade with another players. Im thinking about usibg tsdb for storing all trading transaction.

It could be like “sender,receiver,amount”.

I want to get remain amount of each player realtime. Im trying to use continous query for that. But i dont know how to create continuos query without group by time.

Please help me on:

  1. Is tsdn suite for my usecase
  2. How to get player remaining amount

Thank you


Hi , what you want to do implies that there will be updates each time there is a transaction and that you require some relational database options?
Influxdb is not designed for updates ,
You could start using Influx and see how far you can get .
There are a lot of possibilities in Kapacitor that may be interesting for the game you want to develop.