Streaming data from one InfluxDB to another with Kapacitor

I have the following use case: I’m gathering data from a sensor which is being saved in a InfluxDB (InfluxDB1 on PC1 running Windows 10). I need to stream this data to a second PC (InfluxDB2 on PC2 with Windows10).
Taking inspiration from here (Continous Query Influxdb without aggregate functions possible?) I’ve been able to do so without any problem.

My issue is: if the connection between PC1 and PC2 is interrupted, how can I make sure, that data which has been saved on PC1 during the connection failure, will be updated on PC2 once the connection is established?
I certainly have some ideas how to implement something like this in Python but the question is, if there is something more comfortable to implement.

Hello @golanudelamare,
Great question. I don’t know, give me some time to share your question. Thank you.

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Hi @Anaisdg. Thanks for reaching out once again. In the meantime I’ve implemented a solution developed in Python. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to find out, if there is something from the TICK stack that can be used with shorter development time.