Continous Query Influxdb without aggregate functions possible?



Can I create a continuous query without using aggregate functions? I have been following the influxdb documentation and I don’t see if you can use it without any functions like MIN(), MAX(), MEAN() etc.

What if I wanted something like this:

CREATE CONTINUOUS QUERY minnie ON world BEGIN SELECT mouse,location INTO min_mouse FROM zoo GROUP BY time(30m) END
Is that possible to replicate the metrics into a new measurement? Because ultimately that is what I would want, and I thought continous query was the solution.


Continuous queries must have an aggregate function. However, a good alternate would be to use Kapacitor.

If you use a TICKscript like this:


You can pipe your old measurement into a new measurement.

If you want to read about getting started with Kapacitor, take a look at these docs.


how to if other server influxdb


You will need to configure a second InfluxDB connection in the Kapacitor config (see the InfluxDB sub-section and the example config on GitHub).

Each InfluxDB connection has a name in the configuration, for example, influx2:

# Multiple InfluxDB configurations can be defined.
# Exactly one must be marked as the default.
# Each one will be given a name and can be referenced in batch queries and InfluxDBOut nodes.
  # Connect to an InfluxDB cluster
  # Kapacitor can subscribe, query and write to this cluster.
  # Using InfluxDB is not required and can be disabled.
  enabled = true
  default = true
  name = "influx2"
  urls = ["http://localhost:8086"]


You can specify which InfluxDB instance to send data to using the .cluster() property method of the InfluxDBOut node, which takes the name of your database as defined in the configuration as a string argument. For example, if I wanted to send data to the database influx2:


How to push data from influxdb_1 to influxdb_2 ussing kapacitor?