Help for Influx On Windows 7

Hi everyone, I must say that I’m a newbie of influx World, so I’m sorry if I’m going to pose you a silly question.

I’ve installed InfluxDB On a windows 7 Station by following the usual guidelines, by leaving as default all data folders (data,meta, wal). The main big problem is that if I reboot the station I’m not able to see all the data before the system reboot.
I use Node-red, InfluxDB and grafana to trend my variables.

I say that is possible to move the default folder from C:\Users\username.influxdb\data or wal or meta to another one, by using the conf file or an env variable.
I tried to edit the .conf file and restart influx with no success, I tried to understand how to set the environmental variable but all how tos did’t help such a noob people like me :slight_smile:

Could somebody help me with some suggestions?