Get unauthorized access when write to influxdb

I used write WriteApiBlocking to write data into influxdb2.3.0 ,then I get 401 unauthorized access.but sometimes it’s 204 success.
Influxdb 2.3.0
Influxdb-client-java 6.6.0
I set the log level is LogLevel.BODY and get the message “<-- 401 Unauthorized http://10.1.86.XXX:8086/api/v2/write?org=influxDB&bucket=swkj_perm&precision=s (2ms)”
In fact, I sent request using the option has setted the token with my real token bytes.
When I got a lot of unauthorized , it breakdown the sssd in influxdb linux server and the system collapsed.I catch nothing.

Hello @liuyang0716,
Hmmm that’s strange. Did you create a new token? Or are you using the one that was automatically generated upon setup?

Have you tried creating a new token? Can you please try that? I also recommend upgrading to 2.5 I think there were some bug fixes around tokens.