Fields order sending values to influxDB by Telegraf

Allen, the past week I have been studying a lot about how telegraph works, especially Line protocol over UDP. This program is excellent. Now I have a question about Line protocol: Does the field order always have to be the same?
Below is “Normal text” as in the manuals

Mymeasurement,Mytag=Line1 Myfield1=1234i,Myfield2=2234i,Myfield3=3234i,Myfield4=4234i,Myfield5=5234i Mytimestamp

Now Sometimes this fields do not change much in time once 20 minutes, and mostly only 1 field.

Now i have the choice in my PLC tot send only the changed field, this saves space in InfluxDb and the other fields do not change te same time
I send the line as below, for some reason Telegraf or InfluxDB is not accepting this ( i can not find anything in the logs, I expected to find a reject message there)

Mymeasurement,Mytag=Line1 Myfield3=3234i Mytimestamp

For those interested, it is allowed to send the fields in any order. Make sure that the field name matches exactly. My first mistake was that I put a comma instead of a space behind the last field on which the timestamp is expected

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