Farewell to the Telegraf community

I wanted to let everyone in the Telegraf community know that today is my last day working at InfluxData, and I will be stepping down as maintainer for the project.

It has been amazing experience working with everyone on Telegraf. I am extremely proud of our community and what we have been able to accomplish so far, and I look forward to seeing how we will continue to improve Telegraf in the future.

Wishing everyone the best,



All the best @daniel!

We’ll miss you @daniel!! thank you for all you have done for Influx and the community!!

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Sorry to see you go @daniel !
You were always on point on github and helped me numerous times.
Best wishes!

All the best Daniel!

Well said, @Anaisdg!! Thank you, @daniel!!

Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for the support and your constructive comments on all the posts on GIT and on this community forum.

Al the best with your new challenges.