Request for Community Feedback: New Influx Line Protocol Parser

tl;dr the Telegraf team is looking for community members to try out Telegraf with the new Influx Line Protocol Parser here.

Hi Telegraf Community,

The Telegraf team is looking to get community feedback on an upcoming introduction to Telegraf: the Influx Line Protocol Parser. This new parser provides a zero-allocation, high-performance, consistent way to parse Influx Line Protocol.

While this new parser has already been adopted and in use by other InfluxData products, we are interested in hearing from our users. We wish to take advantage of the variety of data and scenarios that users have and ask for feedback by trying out the change.

If you currently send data to InfluxDB or parse Influx Line Protocol as a part of your Telegraf configuration, please consider downloading the full list of build artifacts from the proposed PR here or one of the downloads below:

Thank you in advance!

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