Error with replication

I have setup replication between a local InfluxDB 2.6 database and a cloud database. There is data being replicated but when I start inserting larger amounts of historical data I’m getting the following error and none of that data is being replicated to the cloud database.

ts=2023-02-13T14:32:03.139737Z lvl=error msg="Failed to enqueue points for replication" log_id=0fznOLH0000 service=replications id=09fd56b34d488000 error="queue is blocked"

I first thought that the max queue size was not set high enough however looking at the response I get from /api/v2/replications the current queue size is much less than the max queue size.

"maxQueueSizeBytes": 67108860,
"currentQueueSizeBytes": 14033234,

I’m not seeing any other errors. What could be the cause of this error or where can I look further?