Elixir Telemetry Reporter

Hello everyone. I’ve been using InfluxDB for some time now. On the latest project, I use Elixir intensively. As it goes, I need to keep track of some values in the system so I made a InfluxDB setup. In Elixir the standard for keeping track of metrics is the Telemetry stack of libraries. It abstracts the backend and makes sure the system is not affected as much when we want to measure a lot of things. One of the components (Reporter) is there to send the data back to the metrics backend – in this case that’s InfluxDB. There is one problem tho, there is no native reporter for Influx. There are some ways around this, namely using Telegraf input plugin for statsd and prometheus (which both have native reporters), but this has major downfalls. There is also a thread on the Elixir forums where this is discussed. One of your employees enquired if there is interest for a native reporter. I tried reaching out but he is not responding. So i ended up here :slightly_smiling_face:
Is there a plan for supporting Elixir Telemetry Metrics InfluxDB Reporter?

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@Antikythera did you find some option to connect elixir telemetry with influx?

I found this repo

but until now I can’t connect it with the influxdata service. Also, I asked the developer about it