Drop series doesn't work

i have been trying to use drop series from measurements but it does not make any difference.
i am using influx version 1.8.1

can anyone please help me in understanding where am i making the mistake?

Hello @neo1702,
Can you please share your command as well as the data that you wish to drop?
Thank you

i am not sure if i can share the data. i will have to discuss with my colleagues for this.

the command is: (let’s say the measurement name is m1 and retention policy is rp1)
drop series from rp1.m1

Have you tried just DROP MEASUREMENT m1? Are you getting any errors?

drop measurement works fine. and i have checked and i can’t share the data with you… :frowning_face:
i just wanted to delete older series in order to get rid of old data…

Hello @neo1702,
Sorry I’m confused. Drop measurement should drop all of the data in the measurement…including older series. Is it not? Are you still having difficulty?

i have only drop measurements on test measurements… i cannot do that on the actual ones…
i need to drop some of the series which is not working…

@neo1702 If you know measurement and tags for which data should be deleted- then provide tag details in where clause.
Eg: delete series from measure_1 where “tag_key1” = “corrupted_series_key”

this one should work… thanks for the help…