Cannot drop measurement in Influxdb 1.8


We are using influxdb 1.8 .10.
I use “drop measurement xtemp” command in influxdb command promt.
But it does not drop measurement.
But when i add data again to this measurement some new columns occur.
I have name column, but name_1 column occurs.
How can i completely delete this measurement.

Hello @cslm,
What is your measurement name?
That drop should work:

Currently, InfluxDB does not support regular expressions with DROP MEASUREMENT . See GitHub Issue #4275 for more information.
Did you use quotes?

Hello @Anaisdg ,

I am using this command : drop measurement XXAll_Systems

My measurement name is XXAll_Systems

I can delete other newly created measurements.


I try like below :

It looks like it is doing it. No error. But when i do show measurements measurement is still there.