How to delete measurement with schema when using explicit schema

I can’t seem to find a way to actually drop a measurement, its schema, and all data from a bucket using InfluxDB Cloud 2.0? The reason I want to do this is when integrating new measurements I might do minor mistakes and I don’t wanna have measurements/schemas that we are not using being left in the bucket when we know these won’t be used. I don’t wanna migrate all valid measurement and schemas to a new bucket either just coz I want to drop some specific measurement/schema.

Is this possible and if so how? If not possible; is it something that will be done? How would I tackle my issue if not possible to drop measurement with schema?

Anybody know if it is possible and if so how?

Hello @Viktor_ingemarsson,
You can drop a measurement with the CLI or the API

Here’s the example with the CLI, my preferred way

But you’ll need to setup the CLI first

So maybe the API is easier.

To be fair I’m not 100% sure you can just delete a measurement and not have to specify a specific tag value for a series…but I’m fairly confident that you can.

Don’t see in the documentation where this is mentioned.
The documentation only specifies how to delete data (points) within a measurement, not how to drop a measurement all together. How do you propose to do that? I want to remove the measurement such that it no longer exist and all data associated with that measurement is also deleted.