Direct link to query Data Explorer

I am building an internal tool that fetches and processes or displays results from a Flux query. For users that would like to dig further into the data (e.g., modify the query), I will provide the underlying Flux query.

The nicest way to handle this would be to provide a direct link to the InfluxDB Data Explorer, with the Flux query pre-populated. i.e., a URL something like https://<influx host>/orgs/<org id>/data-explorer?query=<URL-encoded Flux query>.

Does functionality like this exist?

The Chronograf 1.7 release notes mention something that sounds like this: “Allow deep linking Flux script in Data Explorer.” However, I cannot figure out how that should work, or if it is still supported in InfluxDB 2.1.


@prattmic Including a Flux query as a query parameter in a URL isn’t supported in InfluxDB OSS 2.x or InfluxDB Cloud for security reasons.

Flux provides a lot more functionality than InfluxQL did/does, including things like making external HTTP calls, sending messages, etc. The full functionality of Flux could be leveraged by a man-in-the-middle attack to do some not great stuff.

Thanks for the response, that makes sense. I suppose this could be partially mitigated by not automatically executing the query (user must click “Submit”). But expecting users to fully audit a query is still a pretty high bar.