One-click solution to show single measurement data

Hello all,

I have a specific scenario and have not found a solution yet how to implement it.

Scenario: We collect test data that can be distinguished by a single parameter. Knowing this, it is possible to show all data of this test/measurement e.g. in the data explorer.

Goal: We want to get the data of a single test/measurement by clicking a link from an external source. Ideally, it opens the data explorer with the corresponding data. From here, you can also browse through the for further analysis.

Problem: I already found that deeplinks to specify an SQL query via URL are not supported. Is there any other way to do so?
As an alternative I thought about a dashboard panel item, that includes the measurement identifier as a variable. But I’m not sure whether this approach could work:

  1. Is it possible to execute a dashboard item via direct URL call? If yes, how?
  2. Is it possible to define a variable in a way that it can be filled by an external call? If yes, how it has to be defined? And how to set by call?
  3. If both things are possible, is it also possible to combine these and to call the item (flux statement) together with the specified variable?

I hope you can help me to realize this scenario.

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Assuming I understand you, and you’re using influxdb2 and/or chronograph, and you can build your dashboard queries to accept a couple of variables, then this page seems to indicate that it’s possible (untested by myself)


If it does work for you could you share the final results and workflow, as that sounds like a great practical use case


indeed, we are on the way. I’m working with InfluxDB 2.71, but the external tool is our own. If I got it right, the GUI of the influxDB itself is chronograph. And this is where it should be opened. But I dont understand the documentation at this point. If want to create a custom template variable as recommended in the documentation:
( Create custom template variables

Chronograf lets you create custom template variables powered by meta queries or CSV uploads that return an array of possible values.

To create a template variable:

  1. Click on Template Variables at the top of your dashboard, then + Add Variable.)

There is no option “Template Variables” at the top of my dashboard:

Is it not possible in Influx 2.x anymore?

Further I can’t find the hint how to get the URL for a dashboard cell unfortunately. At least I can’t read it from my cell anywhere:

Does anyone have an idea if that is also possible in 2.x and if yes, how? It would be a pleasure to test it if there is any way.

Best regards

PS I would had like to add more screenshots for explanation but I’m not allowed to as a new user.

I’ve bumped you to member level. Feel free to edit your post more screenshots/ context if it will help

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It’s been a while since I played with chronograph, from your screenshot it looks like there’s a checkbox to show variables. If you click that does anything else become visible ?

Probably not the feedback you want to hear, but indications are that chronograph is unlikely to get serious features added , consensus is that grafana is the main workhorse for displaying data. That said who knows what the future holds, maybe I’m wrong. Take a look at this blog post if you want more background

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i collapsed the variables for the screenshot because they are not relevant:

I tested with the variables but have no idea how to realize the desired functionality:
That refers to my second point in the initial post.

Regarding your remark to Grafana… indeed we are also using Grafana so it would also be possible to choose a way there. Indeed, it seems that a dashboard tiles can be selected via URL there (share functionality). Regarding params. I’ll have to look because I did very few things in Grafana for now.

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For everyone who is also interested in this

My scenario works with Grafana. Dashboard panels have a URL there and variables can be set accordingly in the dashboard. So I take this as a workaround.

Thanks for your help!

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