Digital Ocean Droplet Tick Stack Password

I just followed the “One click to awesome” guide

However, I cannot retrieve configured password for InfluxDB with the suggested command line

ssh -l root ip_address_of_droplet -C "cat ~/.digitalocean_password"

What happens when you try?

The two most likely errors to me are:

  1. The SSH connection fails and you don’t get access to the server

  2. You connect to the server but you cannot read the file

However, based on the information given, those are just complete guesses.

Tell us a bit more about what goes wrong and we might be able to help make it


@Pooh - when trying to get the InfluxDB password using the suggested command line - i get an error “SSH Protocol V1.1 is no longer supported”

not too worry - i read up and got it with the CAT command

In that case I strongly recommend that you update whatever SSH client you
are using, to something that supports SSH v2.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve worked around the problem in the meantime, but I
still strongly recommend that you update your SSH client.


I was working directly off a Digital Ocean droplet server terminal … ( provisioned today )
Scary if their stuff is outdated ?