Different query parameter values in Influx acccess log vs journalctl

In context of Influx 1.8, I have a small situation I’m trying to understand if it’s normal.
The context is I’m trying to locate a certain query in two logs (the HTTP access logs and influx service’s journalctl logs).
I see in both locations the query with the same timestamp, but the parameters slightly differ, and I can’t understand why.
-in the Influx service journalctl logs, the parameters are “time >= 1640561400440000000 AND time <= 1640561700036000000
-in the HTTP access log, the params are passed as URL parameters and the have different values (!) params={“0”:1640561399355000000,“1”:1640561700045000000}
The ones in bold should be really the same, and the same with the ones in italic.
I’m pretty sure I located the query and I don’t see any other possibility (like being two different queries), but it’s really strange to see Influx modifying the timestamp.
Is this a normal behavior?

If it helps:
-the query takes ~13 seconds to execute. As a result of this, in the HTTP access log I see the log statement next to other statements whose timestamps are from the future, that are faster and execute in far less time. I assume that this is normal, since that log entry contains the response time and size.
-the query looks like this: SELECT * FROM DB.autogen.“stream|MyStream” WHERE 1 = 1 AND time >= 1640561400440000000 AND time <= 1640561700036000000 ORDER BY time ASC LIMIT 5000". This query is not modifiable by user and it’s a the result of the Influx connector my company uses.