Influxql logging should show query duration

When optimizing/analysing your queries, both during development as on production system you need to be able to see how long queries take.

When using flux there is the “Flux query log” which enables that.
When using InfluxQL instead of Flux, I could not find such things.

I’m not sure if this is the right forum for problem-reports/feature requests. If not please guide me where I should file such requests.

steps to reproduce

  • Issue a query using fluxql
  • inspect logging with journalctl


queries are logged, but query duration is not included in the log line.

Mar 02 11:50:11 linode1[444806]: ts=2023-03-02T11:50:11.255092Z lvl=info msg="executing new query" log_id=0gKYFNvG000 query="SELECT * FROM p1_values WHERE time > '2023-03-02T11:45:00Z';"
Mar 02 11:50:11 linode1[444806]: ts=2023-03-02T11:50:11.256723Z lvl=info msg="Executing query" log_id=0gKYFNvG000 service=query query="SELECT * FROM energy.\"example-rp\".p1_values WHERE time > '2023-03-02T11:45:00Z'"


I’d expected for every logged query, to also log the duration of the execution (and size of result)

version info

influxdb2 2.6.1-1
on ubuntu 20.04

Hello @harm,
You can use the flux profiler.

For flux, yes there is the profiler package.

My question/request is for influxql, not flux.

(I see I made few typos in my original request, I can’t seem to edit that anymore)