Measure query time in the Influxdb v2 UI with flux

Hi everyone,

Can one measure the query execution time when using flux in the Influxdb v2 UI?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @kouter,
That feature is landing very soon. I will try to tell you just how soon once I confirm the date, but it’s coming shortly.
It’s currently behind a feature flag. You can see that here a the top right corner to turn it on:

And when you submit a query it will tell you how long it took to execute (indicated by the Ready status green dot and execution time).

I’d love your feedback on the new query builder as well!

Otherwise if you’re using Cloud you can use the flux profiler:

Hi @Anaisdg,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I found the profiler package documentation and used it. When the size of the query output is small enough I can see the output of the table showing the execution time (in nanoseconds). However, if the query output is larger than 100.1 MB, the output gets truncated, which then prevents me from seeing the table showing the execution time output. Is there anyway around this?

If not, hope that update comes soon :smiley:

Hello @koute,
Hmmm I’m guessing thats a function of the UI.
Have you tried viewing the output in the raw data view? It’s a toggle near the submit button.

Hi @Anaisdg,

I have been using the raw data view, so I don’t think that is the issue.

Hello @kouter,
Hmm that’s surprising.
I wonder if you try the api if you get a rounded value as well.
I’d be surprised.

This issue seems related:

I encourage you to comment to get more traction.

Hi @Anaisdg,

It is the same issue I’ve been dealing with. How do I view this new query builder?

Hello @kouter,
It looks like that’s not an option with the query builder.
I’d comment on the issue to help it gain traction.
Alternatively I’d try using the API.

Hey @Anaisdg,

Noted, thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated.

Hey @Anaisdg,

I hope you are well.

Do you know when the new query builder (that is able to show query execution time) will be available?