Deleted measurement still showing via SELECT

hi all,

my problem:

i am doing in influx CLI

DELETE FROM “measurementTest”,
i check via
and the measurement indeed is gone (no longer listed) -
however i can still get results from it by saying
SELECT * FROM “measurementTest”

(same behaviour when i m dropping SERIES instead)

does anyone have an explanation?
i have the feeling i m overlooking something basic - apologies if that s the case.

this is Version: 1.7.6-1 on Ubuntu 18 server.


Hi @sebastianb welcome ,

where are the datapoints coming from in your measurementTest ?
Is it possible that new datapoints are coming in after you execute the delete/drop ?

best regards ,

Thanks, @MarcV -
no, there s no possibility for new points coming in.
datapoints are generated from some incoming json objects (from LoRaWAN servers) -
but in the test phase, this is triggered manually.

That s the exact reason i hit this problem -
i d like to empty my measurements fully, before creating new ones.
best regards,

Strange , do you have only one database and retention policy with that measurement ?