Dear Mods Don't Close Threads Automatically

Why threads are closed automatically when I select a post as a solution. I need to write back to my thread.

Can you open this please?

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Hey, that’s Discourse auto-closing them, I’ll see if I can change the settings on that.

In the mean time, I’ve re-opened that topic so you can comment

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Okay, it was set to auto-close an hour after a comment was marked as the solution, I’ve bumped that up to 12 hours. If you think it should be more, let me know and we can discuss.


Thanks but I’ve never seen it waiting for 1 hour. My threads were always closed immediately. Let me try with this thread.

Edit: OK, now it waits.
Edit 2: I don’t think there is a reason to close the thread at all especially in community sites like this one.

A common strategy used is to close threads after, say, four weeks of inactivity.

I just had the same issue and to me 12h is still not enough, especially because there is a wide variety of timezones on the forum.

This is my case

  • The last reply was 15hrs ago
  • I marked the answer but also wanted to add a last reply
  • I couldn’t do that because more than 12hrs were passed since the last answer and the topic was closed

In this case I was receiving help form someone from Canada, while I am in Italy so the difference is ~6hrs (Canada has multiple time-zones)

I’m in favor of auto closing solved topics as it keeps them coincise and easy to browse, but a 12hrs interval is too short to me.

Reopened it.

It seems that even though I told Discourse to wait 12 hours before closing a thread when a solution is marked, it takes that to mean “12 hours from the last reply” and not “12 hours from the time a solution was marked”, which is not ideal