Thread automatically hidden as spam?


I had recently posted this thread here…

…and it was fine until yesterday, when I posted a new thread, and then all at once, @system messaged me that all of my posts in that thread were flagged as spam by the community and were hidden.

Your post was flagged as spam: the community feels
it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature
instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.

Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden, so
please consider how you might revise your post to reflect their
feedback. You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden.

However, if the post is hidden by the community a second time, it
will remain hidden until handled by staff – and there may be further
action, including the possible suspension of your account.

For additional guidance, please refer to our community guidelines.

I’m not sure if this was actually human-triggered or not because I received three of these messages all at once simultaneously. Right now, every time I open the thread, Discourse shows them all as “hidden”. I tried making an edit to the post to un-hide them, but the posts still show as hidden for me.

Does a site admin / moderator know what’s happening or could they unflag the posts as spam?

Hmm, yeah it seems that for some reason your post was flagged. I have unflagged it now.

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Great, thank you! :smile: Not sure what happened there…

Now, even my replies in this thread are showing up as spam. Really not sure what’s going on – every time I try to post, I just get alerted that more and more of my posts are being flagged as spam.