Threads info statistics into Grafana


Hi all,
We are using InfluxDB and Grafana (with installed Discrete plugin) to draw different java’s threads states. Something like functionality provided by VisualVM for thread monitoring. However, I have the problem described here. Obviously fill(previous) would be the best solution but as I see this is not implemented yet. Right now Grafana is querying InfluxDB for specific interval, let’s say from (now - 1m) up to now. If I am recording java thread states on every 30 seconds, I will get info only for the last point which I have saved into this interval. If however, the point is saved in (now() -1m and 1 second) I will report the point around (now() - 30s) and for Grafana would be impossible to tell what was the last state (reported in now() -1m and 1 second). I could not think of a way to overcome this limitation. Any help is much appreciated.