Doubt in combo statsd / influxdb / grafana

I have a problem when displaying the data with grafana and the reductions and I do not know at what point I am doing it wrong

  • I have telegraf with the statsd plugin that collects the data. Take data every minute. Example: Data between 09:59:00> 10:00:00 -> writes in influxdb 10:00:00 data …
  • In Grafana the queries are always ‘>’. Example: -> 10:00:00 so that the data you display is correct. The first section grouping by hour in grafana is 10:01:00 to 11:00:00
  • When I apply a reduction of 1h with a continous query I group the data by hours: Example: Interval of> = 09:00:00 and <10:00:00 -> Write 09:00:00 with the sum data. Here is a minute that does not correspond to your real time
  • But the problem is that in grafana the queries are always ‘>’ Example: > 10:00:00 so that I’m wasting an hour when I consult the 1h reduction because the first data that starts to show is 11:00:00

There is much difference between consulting with Grafana original statsd data at a reduction of 1h of influxdb
Any ideas? Thank you