InfluxDB OSS 1.8 invalid data for different sampling

Hi All,

I just actually notice that there is some discrepancy that I have seen in my influxDB 1.8,
I just noticed it in my grafana dashboard.
So here is a scenario.
I tried to view a Trend graph of same measurement from my influxdb to my grafana. I add 2 queries for the same measurement, one is group by time (1d) and the other is group by (1h). Using the “first” selector in both queries, here is what I have notice.

The value of my hourly (1h) at exactly 8 am is the same as the value of 1day(1d) of the next day.
It means, that when my data in 1h is 23.25 at May 1 8:00 AM, that is the same value of data on 1d of May 2 00:00 AM.

Below screen shots shows that the value of May 1 8:00 am of 1h is the same as 1d.

And as we hover the mouse going to May 2 00:00 AM, you will notice that the value of 1d in May 1 8:00 AM is always equal to the next day of 00:00 hour (which is may 2).

And this pattern is continuous.

I also notice that at 8:00 am of everyday, the value of 1h is equal to 1d:

Here is my configuration in grafana panel for 1h and 1d.

again, measurements used in A and B is the same, they just have different Group by time configuration.

I don’t know if this is bug or this has something to do with my timezones? The influxdb server is installed in UTC+8 region.
I hope you can help me.

Hello @Henjoe_Gutierrez,
This feels like a grafana UI question? Maybe I’m not understanding something.