Collectd with influx(time interval of metrics)

I have integrated the system, collectd , influxdb and grafana.

It is working well, But I have a question.

Grafana is updating the data every 10 seconds, means data is being written every 10 seconds.

How can I change this interval of time ?

I mean if I want data to be written every 30 seconds and not 10 seconds, how can I change that ?
Thanks in advance.

It looks like you need to set it to a different Interval in the configuration.

Where particularly in the collectd.conf file?
Be patient, I’m new to this system.

Looks like its right at the top. Just change it from 10.0 to whatever value in seconds you would like your collection interval to be.

Yeah, its there but commented.

It took some time to refresh, but now its working fine.
Thank you.