Tag status open in S3 bucket, but not displaying in influxdb


I have one tag which status has values OPEN or Close depending on the value. From 36hrs the tag is in open state in S3 bucket, but in influxdb it is not showing when I have selected the time range 5 min. when I have selected the time range 36 hrs, the tag is displaying in influxdb. Is there any solution to display that tag as open if I have selected the time range of 5 min

Hello @AVVS_Sudheer,
The tags will always reflect what tags exist within that timerange. Did it exist 36 hours ago and not 5 minutes ago? OR for the past 36 hrs including the last 5 minutes? If its the former that’s the correct behavior. If its the latter that’s a bug and you can create an issue here:

Hi Anais,

The tag is existing yesterday also in S3 bucket. when I have download that file yesterday at 2pm IST and checked it , there the tag is existing and the timestamp is in unix format and when I have converted and checked it is showing the time as 21st May 2024 08:30 IST. But that tag is not visible in Influxdb. That tag has value as 1 means “OPEN” and 0 means “Close”. From 21st May 2024 08:30 IST the tag value is 1 (Open state). I have a doubt will the influxdb reads the timestamp which is in unix format in S3 bucket and according to that will it display in the influxdb

Here my dashboard is refreshing and displaying the data for every 5 minutes.