Displaying the yesterday data today in influx


In S3 bucket I have one tag which status is 0 and the date in it is 36 hrs back from present time. If I download that file from S3 bucket now , it is showing that tag and the date is 36 hrs back. Is it possible to display that data now in influxdb with the time range of 5 minutes

@AVVS_Sudheer What version of InfluxDB are you using? How is the data in S3 related to data in InfluxDB?

Hi Scott,

we are using 2.6.0 and the data is coming into influxdb from AWS S3 bucket.

As per my knowledge
you can Download the file from the S3 bucket, then use a script to import the data into InfluxDB, adjusting the timestamp to 36 hours back. Query InfluxDB with a 5-minute range to display the data.
I hope this will help you
Thank you

@AVVS_Sudheer Is the data already assigned a timestamp in S3 or is it assigned the timestamp when ingested into InfluxDB? If it’s already assigned a timestamp, you need to update the timestamp when you reingest the data.

Hi Scott,

already a timestamp assigned in S3 for this data