Display the tag name in influx


I have some data in influxdb and it is displaying the data for every 5 minutes. Sometimes the data and tag name will be NULL. How to display the tag name if tag name is missing at that time

Hello @AVVS_Sudheer,
Can you help me understand? What tag name do you expect to display if it’s null?
Can you share the version of InfluxDB that you’re using and the query language?

Hi Anais,

My InfluxDB version is 2.6.0. There is no exact query. My query will refresh for every 30 sec and it will display data for every 5 minutes. I have tags like sales, profit, revenue etc. for example the revenue will be 10000 for 10th April 2024 and profit will be 3000. and so on.
Sometimes if there is network issue, the data will not come to our database. Then the values
will not be displayed. but it must display the tag names like
Sales NULL
Profit NULL
Revenue NULL
Next day or in the afternoon if the network problem resolves it will display the tag values like

Revenue: 11000
Profit: 3000
Sales: 5000

Hello @AVVS_Sudheer,
There isn’t a way to make permanent tag display in the UI. Are you using a buffer (or maybe telegraf) so you can write the points when the network is back up? you can however make your time range larger than 5 min just to see the available tags from historical data and then use those tags in your query. Why do you want to be able to see the tags when you don’t have data? Whats the core problem you’re trying to solve here?

Hi Anais,

We have achieved thru join with PostgreSQL and influx. it is working fine. The Top Management want to see the tag names when there is no data, and in the report the data will display for every 5 minutes