New Tag values not showing in "SHOW TAG VALUES"



I have influxDB machine of 8GB, which consumes of 4 to 5 GB for influxdb of version 1.4.2.
I have existing db, measurement, and
I have added new tag values for an existing tag keys.

But, after adding the records,
SHOW TAG VALUES from measurement with KEY=tagkey,
now showing all the tag values, It only shows the older tag values.


This is happening to me too!
I am using influxdb version 1.5.
If I show series I can see the series containing the tag values.
If I show tag values the new tags are not present.
This is a major problem as I query the database using Group As and the new series are omitted from the data returned.
I am using disk based index.



Did you find the solution for this problem @Lasse?


Hi @Lasse, After a long struggle,
I have achieved by dropping the existing measurement and create the continuous query
I got the new tags along with the old one.


Many thanks Pangaj,

That is a valid work around, however this is a major bug. I am still a big fan, but this is a significant issue.
I use the database for automation and fully rely on the core Group By function.
My work around is to manually Select all the tags I need, which means I need to manually run Show Series and then modify my queries accordingly periodically. I have added my notes to your GitHub Issue entry as well. Lets hope the Influx chaps takes a look at this soon.



This sounds a lot like what I describe in Tag values not being indexed

I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this bug!


Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ll take a look.