Database export incongruent size

Hello, I would like to export my DB in order to migrate it from influx V1 to V2.
my data/influxdb folder contains:
4.1G data
12K meta
55M wal

but after the export

influx_inspect export -database db -retention autogen -out /data/exports/influxdb -lponly -datadir /data/influxdb -waldir /data/influxdb/wal

in the export folder I have a 61MB file
61M influxdb

how is it possible?

Hello @fraldom73
The export exports raw data from a shard in InfluxDB line protocol format. InfluxDB V1 uses a highly efficient storage engine that compresses time-series data. When you export the data, its exported in a more readable, less compressed format, (line protocol) which usually should be larger you’re right. But if its not very much data then it could be smaller because the export command might export data in a more efficient format, stripping away metadata and storage overhead that isn’t necessary for the raw data? I’m not sure though this does seem odd.