Data Stopped Appearing InfluxDB-Cloud

Issue: Data has stopped appearing in InfuxDB Cloud. If I filter last 7 days I can see historic data from yesterday but nothing has been written today despite the telegraf service logs showing connectivity to the bucket and metric counts being sent successfully.


  urls = [""]
  token = 
  organization = 
  bucket = 
  insecure_skip_verify = 
  tls_ca = 
  timeout = "5s"

# Read metrics from one or more commands that can output to stdout
  commands = ["python3 /opt/oracle/scripts/metrics/ -u ***-p *** -s ***"]
  data_format = "influx"

Additional Info: InfluxDB Cloud - Trail account being used for POC scenario. The python script polls the database for tablespace metrics and outputs them in influx format, These are sent directly to InfluxDB Cloud using the input.exec plugin as shown above. This worked fine yesterday but today new data doesn’t appear inside of InfluxDB Cloud bucket.