Bucket Stopped Recording Abruptly at 2:20am Today

My linux client has been successfully posting data to InfluxDB for days. Last night at 2:20am EST approx data simply stopped being recorded in my target bucket. I received no error feedback to my client. I am on a pay-as-you-go account, so was not expecting to hit any kind of quota limit. What else can be wrong? How to trouble-shoot?

  • Michael

Hello @Michael_Nagy,
What version of InfluxDB are you using? What region are you in? Can you message me the email associated with your account?
You might want to also try reaching out to support

Hi - I just had the same scenario recur yesterday 25-Aug-2023 at 17:15 EST (after running 24x7 without issue for the last week). Data is being posted from my Python3 program roughly every 30 seconds, but suddenly stops appearing in InfluxDB with no exception thrown, so my program continues on unaware that it is no longer posting data. My account email is bright.tiger@gmail.com, and the otp-proxy-233 bucket is in the us-east-1-1 region on aws.


Software versions (OS, Python, InfluxDB client) are:

raspbian 10 (buster)
python 3.7.3

influxdb-client 1.36.1

The relevant section of python code (which is not throwing an exception when it seems like it should) is:

if not InfluxDbClient:
InfluxDbClient = influxdb_client.InfluxDBClient(
url = Config[‘INFLUXDB_URL’ ],
token = Config[‘INFLUXDB_TOKEN’],
org = Config[‘INFLUXDB_ORG’ ]
write_api = InfluxDbClient.write_api(
write_options = SYNCHRONOUS
bucket = Config[‘INFLUXDB_BUCKET’],
org = Config[‘INFLUXDB_ORG’ ],
record = InfluxData,
record_measurement_name = Config[‘INFLUXDB_MEASUREMENT’],
record_tag_keys = TagKeys,
record_field_keys = FieldKeys
# print(‘influxdb ok’)
except InfluxDBError as e:
if e.response.status == 401:
raise Exception(f"Insufficient write permissions to ‘%s’" % (Config[‘INFLUXDB_BUCKET’])) from e

Any suggestions are welcome!

Michael Nagy
813-731-1470 mobile