Data seems to be scaling with source applications

Hi, i have a little problem using InfluxDB 1.8.

I have an AWS Fargate cluster (Load Balancer > Target Group > multiple Docker containers) with my application , which is basically an API. All those containers are created from the same image and therefore configured in exactly the same way. They all write to the same database, same endpoint, it’s all the same. InfluxDB is installed on a single EC2 instance.

The application cluster runs 10 containers. The traffic is spread evenly over these containers. And there is a measurement counting requests.
Now i add 10 more containers to the cluster. The overall traffic stays the same, but the measurement shows only half the requests. The chart just drops.

The catch:
We didn’t have the problem when we were using an ECS EC2 cluster, where the containers run on dedicated instaces. Those instances would be in the same subnet. Is it possiblethat, since now every container has it’s own IP, the data gets somehow separated?

Hi @BastianB

To help us figure this out, can you share what your data looks like that you’re sending to InfluxDB, and also what your query looks like that you’re using to build your chart?