Creating admin users in influxdb 2 OSS

It seems that there’s no way to create new admin or (Owner) members in the influxdb v2.0 OSS version. Using the CLI, any newly created users are created as ‘member’ users and there’s no flag to set them as owners.
Asides from ownership, there’s no way to allow the new users to perform actions like manage tokens and create dashboards. Is this a limitation of the OSS version or are the docs vague about specifying those features.

I have exactly the same problem. Me and my Coworker both need admin rights on the DB but we couldn’t get this done. Has anyone found a way around this limitation yet?

I’ve made Allow setting membership type in `influx org members add` · Issue #231 · influxdata/influx-cli · GitHub to track adding this functionality to the CLI. In the meantime, you can work around this by accessing the API directly:

curl -H "Authorization: Token $YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN" -XPOST \
      -d '{"id": "$YOUR_USER_ID"}' $YOUR_INFLUX_HOST/api/v2/orgs/$YOUR_ORG_ID/owners
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Thank you! I seem to have overlooked in the documentation that there is also a section on direct access via the API. If anyone else has a similar problem and found this question, here is the API documentation.

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