Create User in InfluxDB v2 with role owner or assign role to a user later

I was wondering if someone know if there is a way to use the InfluxDB v2 cli to create a user, assign to a organization and assign the role owner or change the role of a user later.

It seems that there is an API option but not at the CLI.

Also in the UI there seems to be no way to change the role of a user.

Hello @solick,
You can use:

Specifically, you can create a users with all access permissions and assign to an org with:

influx auth create --all-access -u <userNeedingPermission> -o <theorg>

This makes you an owner without the owner title.

In order to make a user an “official” owner you need to use the REST API:
First you need to remove the user as a member:

curl --request DELETE "http://localhost:8086/api/v2/orgs/8d754bea5df1c15d/members/097fbd1417fc7000" --header 'Authorization: Token INFLUX_TOKEN'

Then you can make the user an owner:

curl --request POST "http://localhost:8086/api/v2/orgs/8d754bea5df1c15d/owners" --header 'Authorization: Token INFLUX_TOKEN' \
--data '{"id": "097fbd1417fc7000", "name": "johndoe"}'

	"role": "owner",
	"links": {
		"self": "/api/v2/users/097fbd1417fc7000"
	"id": "097fbd1417fc7000",
	"name": "johndoe",
	"status": "active"

Similarly you can remove an owner from an org with the API and then create a new user:

Sooooo YES you’re entirely right. This is not a good UX. I’m working on hunting down some issues related to your question but I also encourage you to comment on this

Please see:

I created this issue in case you want to add a comment.
Thank you!

Hi and thanks a lot for the explanations. How would I than update an user? Do I need to delete and recreate the user? Or how to deal with different users and a user should have normal access to Org A and all access to Org B?

Greetings solick