Connection error from other machine - Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

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since this morning i have a very strange connection error with influx 1.8.3. I installed influxdb and grafana on a virtual machine with proxmox. As OS i use ubuntu 19.10. On another ubunto 19.10 machine, i installed a third party tool to submit data to the database. Here is my http-configuration:

enabled = true
bind-address = “:8086”
auth-enabled = true
log-enabled = true
write-tracing = false
pprof-enabled = false
https-enabled = false

After starting the database, it’s reachable with ping curl command on the same machine. When i try to connect from other machine, i got errors. Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Do i need some more configuration? i think the binding should be correct, firewalls are not activated on proxmox-system.

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I don’t understand. what is this configuration for?